Enrique Vitor Damo da Rosa

Ex thief and con man, working off a debt to the Society.


Mental 2

  • A Rogue’s Talents
  • Streetwise

Physical 2

  • Nimble
  • Handsome

Social 4

  • Skilled Negotiator
  • Charismatic
  • Fast Talker
  • Fits in anywhere

Combat 2

  • Fisticuffs
  • Duck, dodge, and roll

Drawbacks 3

  • Acts before he thinks
  • Soft-side
  • Claustrophobic

Knack 0


Born in Salamanca Espana, Enny was the only child of the Banker Paulo Vitor and Professora de Matematica Marsella Fuentes. He was a bright, handsome lad who always had a way with people. Never the strongest or most responsible of sorts, Enny had to rely on his substantial wit and charm when confronted with ruffians or disgruntled elders; he was only ever a few quick words and an infectious smile away from (at least temporary) safety.

When he was 19 lazily skating through his university studies his Father became very I’ll. The Doctor said it was a chronic and incurable condition, that while not lethal, would make life very difficult if not managed. On the doctors recommendation his parents (knowing Enny was more than capable of looking after himself) moved to the North of France where the cooler climate would aide in his Father’s health.

Being rather short sighted (no matter how clever), with no pressure from his family to continue his studies Enny dropped out of college and started work for a gambling house where he used to relax after school. He was eventually scouted out and recruited by an arm of a crime family based in Madrid. Again being rather short sited, and drawn by the lure of wealth and the romance of the fast life Enny didn’t hesitate to sign on.

His employers used his unparalleled skills at seduction, manipulation, and persuasion to settle many a score and secure many a prize. They taught him how to pick locks and hand cuffs, how to trap doors, and other such skulduggery to supplement his natural talents, and he picked this all up as quickly and effortlessly as if his roguishness was carved direct into his bones.

He was sold out by his employers (now near enough a second family) to cover their own when a huge deal went south and he was assigned 20 years in a Prison in Sevilla for his extensive involvement in numerous criminal enterprises. Here, after 5 years of confinement, the Society found him and offered to take him on as a sort of indentured professional with the promise of his slate being wiped clean in return for his services.

Called “Enny” by his friends

Enrique Vitor Damo da Rosa

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