Baron Erik Jäger von Schlechtesel




Erik Jäger (b. 1868 – ) is the hereditary Baron von Schlechtesel, a minor, yet wealthy German nobleman.
He was exiled from Germany in the winter of 1904 for some event which is only referred to obliquely, but appears to have involved embezzling and possibly a plot against the Kaiser himself. He was an officer in the German Navy, and had extensive properties.
Erik Jäger has a reputation for ruthlessness, cunning, and meticulously well-crafted plans. He is a master tactician and highly successful soldier, driven by an almost indomitable will. He does possess a degree of honor; though definitely a criminal, he tends to be honest about it, and rarely breaks his word. He is ruthless in his ambitions, but not needlessly cruel.

The Siegfried

This is the Baron’s private steam vessel. Although technically a yacht, it is little less than an actual warship, being swift, heavily armed and well-armored. After his exile, Jäger further refitted the yacht, possibly in Portugal, enhancing its deadliness. He has a number of false registries for it, forged in questionable ports throughout the world. He plied the Pacific for several years, having turned to a life of piracy. It is more than a match for most merchant vessels and a serious threat to traditional ships of war.
The Siegfried’s crew is primarily made up of retainers and soldiers who remained loyal to Jäger after his banishment. Notable members include Franz Wiesel (now deceased), and Otto Eisenberg, a giant of an enforcer. Others have yet to be revealed, but he tends to gather specialists, having a keen eye for aptitude.
The most unusual piece of equipment on the Siegfried is a prototype (stolen? built from stolen plans?) Wright Model G Seaplane. It has been modified for lifting power, at the loss of some range, and has fixed machine guns mounted to the fuselage. The plane is name the Valkyrie, and is flown by English pilot and notorious cad, Heathclif Rickard.

Discovery of Kamua

At some undisclosed point in the past, his ship was driven off course, either due to battle damage or storm. He discovered the lost islands in the sea of mist that lies somewhere west of the southern extremes of South America. Apparently he already had some intimation of their existence, for he seemed familiar with the history of Paolo de Malocchio. At least he was knowledgeable enough to attempt to either steal or destroy the only known logbook of the Belladonna’s nearly forgotten mission. He has been working ceaselessly for months or possibly years gathering the knowledge, personnel and equipment to exploit the potential of the lost land.

Baron Erik Jäger von Schlechtesel

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