Native of the lost world of Kamua. Daughter of Azar chief.


Mental 2

  • Fast Learner
  • Survival
  • Travelled a good distance

Physical 3

  • Beautiful
  • Hardy
  • Climber

Social 2

  • Loyal
  • Daughter of Chief

Combat 2

  • Stone Weapons
  • Spear Hunter


  • Fearful of Lammak
  • Chased by Ongala
  • Curious

Knack 0


Jinda is a young woman who is a native of a Pleistocene-level area of the Lost World of Kamua. Encountered while fleeing toward the Gate Island, she was rescued by members of the Venture Society from capture by the savage Ongala Ape Men. Her tribe is the Azar, which apparently lies somewhere clockwise of the Alu Kamua (Gate to Kamua). She has one other known relative, her brother Ando, who was earlier abducted to serve the Lammak.

She was chosen to be the unwilling mate of Gar Toma, a repulsive Lammak, one of the rulers of Kamua. She ran to avoid capture by the Ongala ape men, and encountered the society.


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