Lord Herny Ransdell

One of the Society’s wealthiest members. Illegitimate (but adopted) son of the Earl of Drury. Larger than life, rugged and handsome adventurer type.


Mental 2

  • I know a few words of their heathen tongue
  • Knows Africa like the back of his hand

Physical 2

  • Roughs it with ease
  • Keeps fit

Social 2

  • Well-connected
  • I believe that fellah owes me a favor…

Combat 2

  • Crack shot with a rifle
  • A good right cross ends a lot of arguments

Drawbacks 4

  • Many demands on his time and resources
  • Lordly obligations
  • Chivalrous
  • inconveniently recurring Malaria

Knack 2

  • Extremely Wealthy, Peer

Lord Herny Ransdell is the illegitimate son of an English Earl. He has been formally adopted, but the title will not transfer to him. It will instead go to a cousin, with whom he has occasional contact. He does however control a good portion of the industries owned by his father, and has built this into a respectably personal fortune to which he can claim ownership. Most of this is based on shipping, having made many contacts in exotic lands throughout his adventuring. He is well-liked by most people, and has a knack of making friends. It helps that he is very generous with his fortune, and tends to look out for people whom he takes a liking to. His relationship with his father has taken a bit of a strain lately, due to his public acknowledgment of an African “blood brother”, an M’Biri chieftain named Mandla. Lord Henry has shipping and business agents in Africa, South America, the United States and India. He actually owns few ships, but contracts for most of his needs among a number of trusted captains.

Lord Herny Ransdell

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