Characters in the World of the Society

Player Characters


Professor Eldritch Pope

Professor Eldritch Pope

Inventor and Scholar. Studied mathematics at Cambridge and various other sciences at Edinburgh and the relatively new Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Pachmar Uttamjodh Singh

Pachmar Uttamjodh Singh

Sikh manservant to Pope.

He killed a tiger as a boy.


Enrique Vitor Damo da Rosa

Enrique Vitor Damo da Rosa

Ex thief and con man.
Working off a debt to the Society.


Charles Williford Brady

Charles Williford Brady

“The Indiana Icarus”.
Pioneering stunt pilot.

Society Members

Charles Venture

Co-Founder of the Venture Society. Husband of Abigail Venture. Physical scientist, author, explorer. b.1776- d.1850.

Abigail Venture

Co-Founder of the Venture Society. Wife of Charles Venture. Biological scientist, anthropologist, explorer. b.1780- d.1872.


Lord Henry Ransdell

Lord Henry Ransdell

One of the Society’s wealthiest members. Illegitimate (but adopted) son of the Earl of Drury. Larger than life, rugged and handsome adventurer type. Spends a lot of time in Africa, and is a favorite for Maybury’s successor.


Sir Reginald Maybury

President of the Society, a 80 year old man, but still hale and hearty. He is a former adventurer himself, and a retired professor of archaeology, and former soldier (Colonel) of the Queen. The scholars and explorers of the society call him Sir Reginald, former military types tend to call him Colonel Maybury, or just “The Colonel”

Society Staff


Albert Swain

English Concierge of the London Society. Highly organized, adept at handling eccentric personalities, frighteningly efficient at remembering names and personal details. Always carries clipboard.


Tolliver Bode

Librarian and archivist. Well-versed in the history of the Society. An elderly man, but with a sharp mind and a passion for the written word.



Emma Witherspoom

see Emma Witherspoon Witherspoon

Brilliant philologist. She has published under her
father’s name to save his reputation.


Dr. William Wallace MacGregor

Scots engineer and theoretical scientist. Particularly good at interpreting technical subjects for the general masses. Charming and folksy in front of an audience, but pompous in private.

Professor Horace Witherspoon, (ret.)

Brilliant philologist. His published work deteriorated in later years, but after his (forced?) retirement, has shown a marked and insightful renaissance.

Marsella Fuentes

Retired Spanish Professora de Matematica, though she still publishes. Living in Northern France. Mother of Enrique Vitor Damo da Rosa (Enny).

S. Cavor

Obscure metallurgist. Possibly a crackpot. Hums incessantly.


Paulo Vitor

Retired Spanish Banker, living in Northern France. Father of Enrique Vitor Damo da Rosa (Enny).


Famous gatka guru who trained Pachmar Uttamjodh Singh


Heathcliff Rickard

English aviator
He comes from a well-known,
though recently impoverished family.
He has allied with the Baron von Schlechtesel


Baron Erik Jäger von Schlechtesel

Erik Jager

Exiled German baron turned high seas pirate.
Has used pseudonym Eric Hunter.

People of Kamua


Brave young native lad of the Gate Island. As an Anatupa he speaks a debased Maori dialect, littered with traditional Kamuan terms.




Native of the Kaman interior, specifically the Azar tribe. Adventurous and independent. Highly skilled in survival and stone age crafting.


Brother to Jinda. Presumed older brother. He was taken to serve at the Kamuan city of Keeva-Tor some time before Jinda was likewise selected.


Friend of Ando. Presumed to be of same tribe. Same rough age, though not quite as willing to take risks as Ando.


Ongala Ape-men

Some sort of missing link between man and ape. Savage prehistoric humanoids. Possibly servants to the Lammak.



Gar Skella

Lammak. Head of the Council that governs the Lammaks, and by extension, the presumed ruler of Kamua.

Gar Hasha

Lammak. Council member. Pilot of one of the there known skatha, or air sleds, possessed by the Lammak. H has a rivalry with Gar Toma

Gar Toma

Lammak. Council member. He is a particularly ugly specimen, and the one to whom Jinda was selected to mate with. He has a rivalry with Gar Hasha.

Ka Sinto

Lammak. Holds some position regarding ancient technology of Kamua. Might be called a “chief scientist” or “high priest”. Old but crafty.

Mausoleum Keeper

Unnamed Lammak. The first encountered by the Society. Arrogant and sullen by nature.

Historical Figures

Captain Paolo de Malocchio

Early 17th Century Italian Explorer. In his ship, the Belladonna, he claims to have discovered a fabulous island in the South Pacific, shrouded by mist.

see Paolo de Malocchio

Characters in the World of the Society

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