Emma Witherspoon

English philologist


Mental 4

  • World-class philologist
  • World-class philologist
  • Analytical mind
  • “I read it in a book”

Physical 2

  • Endures hardship stoically
  • Double jointed

Social 3

  • Sees through artifice
  • Knows the scientific community
  • Beautiful

Combat 1

  • Unexpected blow


  • Woman in a man’s world
  • Abrasive
  • Protective of father

Knack 0


Emma-Witherspoon.jpgEmma Witherspoon is the only daughter of Professor Horace Witherspoon. The Witherspoons are an old and established family with a regular income which allows them to lead a private and scholarly life.

Emma is well-educated in what the early 20th century considered a “proper” education for a young woman. She is actually a brilliant philologist, having studied at her father’s side since near-infancy. She is probably even more capable than the aged professor.

She has published numerous papers, but all under her father’s name. It turns out that his mental health has been fading for the last decade, and rather than have him suffer the indignity and ridicule that his already unusual theories would undoubtedly bring him, she has kept up an academic facade of his continuing competence. Professor Witherspoon’s greatest and most circulated papers are undoubtedly the work of his daughter.

She is romantically pursued by Heathcliff Rickard, from a titled family, but with little money. She found him interesting at first, due to his adventurous aeronaut skills, but quickly tired of his boorish and materialistic nature.

Emma has a guilty pleasure of adventure fiction, the more outlandish and fantastic, the better.

Emma Witherspoon

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