Tramp Steamer Djungkao


The Djungkao is a coal-powered wooden steamship, similar to the Ferris ships the US would produce in 1917. It has a crew complement of 25, most of whom are stokers and firemen. Cruising speed is ten knots, or about 240 miles per day, wind, weather and fuel depending. She can go faster, but burns fuel at twice the rate.

Deck Plan

The Shelter Deck is what would be called the main deck. The Passenger suite is forward, just behind the forward Cargo hatch. The Passenger Cabins on this deck are shabby, but clean and comfortable. The Dining Saloon large enough to seat all passengers, The bar is kept locked except for an hour after dinner, when the Purser will issue spirits (for a charge). Most of the other cabins on this deck are self explanatory. There are two internal gangways that lead up to the Boat Deck, as well as one external on the Starboard side.

The Boat Deck has the life boats. There is a smaller passenger suite here, but the rooms are smaller, less cofortable and drafty. These are the cheap seats. The Captain has his cabin and Day office here, as well as access to the armory. the Starboard side of his cabin is a dining area, “The Captain’s Table”. Tommy Brooklyn has a little room here, which he shares with the captains wardrobe.

The stairs from her upward (Port) side are marked not for passengers, and lead to the bridge, chart and radio rooms.



Most of the crew of the Djungkao is hired at a low rate. This has caused problems for Captain Blackburn. Although most of the crew are non-entities, here are the ones who affect life and attitude aboard ship. The crew will tend to follow whomever they think is stronger. Right now, this is firmly the captain.

Captain (Master)

Ernest Blackburn Big rough football-player sort of a fellow. Australian by birth, though he calls no port home. Has a gold tooth.

Enny’s observation: Probably dependable so long as things are going well. May cut and run in a fight.


Archie Daws Second in command. Struggles to control drinking problem

Enny’s observation: drinks a lot, but holds it well. Gets a bit sadistic when under the influence. This attitude probably won’t transfer to passengers.

Chief Engineer

Mack Dugan, Canadian Huge fellow, carries a wrench everywhere he goes. Probably sleeps with it.

Enny’s observation: loves his dog more than most people. Nice enough, but unlikely to take sides in an altercation. Will keep his head down.


Hans Lundgren, Swede. Fiercely protective of kitchen. Excellent with sauces.

Enny’s observation: pretty darn solid, and a decent person

Cabin Boy

Tommy Brooklyn A likely lad, named for the place the crew took him on, as he grew up without a home or family.

Enny’s observation: far more intelligent and streetwise than he lets on, but a simple-minded cabin boy is a lot safer than a savvy cabin boy.

Chief Stoker

Big Tom, African, real name unknown Huuuge man. Appears to be the hardest working man on ship.

Enny’s observation: doesn’t want trouble. Probably scrupulously honest


Gerard Thibaut, French (Picard) Man to watch.

Enny’s observation: man to watch carefully. Never seems to be the one who gets in trouble, but is usually somewhere nearby.


Below is the plotted course of the Djungkao toward the Island of Fangs


Tramp Steamer Djungkao

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