Venture Society


The Venture Society

The Venture Society was founded in 1810, by Charles and Abigail Venture, a husband and wife team of explorers and scientists, the Venture Society was set up to promote similar exploration and study of the fabulous world we live in.

The Society Museum and Club

The main headquarters in in London, at Cromwell Road, between Queen’s Gate and Exhibition Road. It is primarily used as a public museum, but there is a private floor above the main museum used by members. Members are chosen through sponsorship of an existing member. Their duties and obligations are actually few, since the trust set up by the Ventures covers day-to-day expenditures. The club does sometimes sponsor expeditions, but this is usually through the patronage of retired members. The club area has meeting rooms, a gymnasium, a kitchen and dining area, drawing room, library and other amenities, plus sleeping chambers for occasional use. Club members have full usage of the main rooms.

The current president of the society is Sir Reginald Maybury, a 80 year old man, but still hale and hearty. He is a former adventurer himself, and a retired professor of archaeology, and former soldier (Colonel) of the Queen. The scholars and and explorers of the society call him Sir Reginald, former military types tend to call him Colonel Maybury, or just “The Colonel”.

Privileges and Duties

Each member receives a ring bearing the VS crest upon it, guaranteeing them aid or succor from fellow members (or special attention from the club’s enemies). Members are expected to render aid and favors to the Society at large in return. Wealthy members make donations, explorers lend or donate artifacts to the museum for display, scholars donate their expertise, etc. It’s an informal relationship, but it works. Very often, members are asked to make presentations or give lectures about their discoveries, inventions or achievements, as well.

Other Locations

Although the Venture Museum and Society Headquarters are in London, the Society has smaller establishments in Paris, New York and Rome. It also maintains offices in half a dozen other cities. Members of the Society hail from all over the world, and although it still largely a man’s world (and a white man’s world at that) in the world at large, the Society is well-known for its egalitarian and cosmopolitan outlook. There are members of both sexes, and many races and nationalities.

Venture Society

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